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Privacy Policy

Ronde Sport (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is firmly determined to make efforts for the purpose of protecting personal information in compliance with its basic policy as provided below:

Compliance with Applicable Laws and Ordinances:

The Company will act in strict compliance with any and all applicable laws and ordinances as well as other guidelines as established by the competent authorities.

Acquisition of Personal Information:

The Company will obtain any personal information, defining the specific purpose of use of such information, by using any lawful and fair method, and when legally required. The Company will, if and when it collects any personal information, clearly show its purpose of collecting such information, except when such purpose is apparent from the circumstances at the collection.

Use of Personal Information:

The Company will use any personal information within the scope of its purpose of use of such information, not for any other purpose.

Securing of Personal Information:

The Company will effect necessary measures for the purpose of securing the safety of any and all personal information which it possesses, including measures for information security and other measures to direct and supervise such parties as will be commissioned with the work of performing any business to protect such information.

Disclosure or Offer to Third Parties:

Except when previously agreed to by the person in question, or when allowed by applicable laws and ordinances, the Company will not disclose, or otherwise offer any personal information to any third party.

Inquiry about Personal Information:

The Company will, if and when it receives any inquiry about any personal information from the person in question, promptly answer to, and otherwise handle, such inquiry appropriately in accordance with its prescribed relevant method and procedure. The same shall apply to any demand for disclosure, alteration or deletion, other request or complaint which may come from the person in question in connection with any personal information.


The Company makes efforts to continuously improve its actions to cope with, or otherwise handle any problem relating to any personal information.

Executed in June 2016

Ronde Sport

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